International Conference on
Recent Advancements in the areas of Science, Technology, Business, Economics, Management, Social Sciences, Humanities & Travel-Tourism
9th December 2022

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About Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand

Originally, Suan Sunandha was once the royal garden in the precinct of Dusit Palace as a place for leisure of king Rama V and the royal family. The name "Uttayan Sunandha" or "Sunandha Royal Garden" was dubbed from name of Indra God´s Garden in the paradise, and is also the name of King Rama V's favorite and beloved queen - Queen Sunandha Kumareerattana. In the reign of King Rama VI, 32 buildings were built for being the residence of the royal consorts and concubines of King Rama V, including their courtiers. H.H. Princess Saisavali Bhiromya, one of the Royal Consort, founded a lady school "Nibhakarn". aiming to train the royal etiquette and manner for the royal young ladies as well as the ladies from noble families. Currently, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University offers Bachelor's Degrees, Graduate Certificates, Master's Degrees and Doctorate Degrees. Both general courses and associate courses are available. It consists of 6 faculties and 9 colleges:


1. Faculty of Education
2. Faculty of Sciences and Technology
3. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
4. Faculty of Industrial Technology
5. Faculty of Fine Arts
6. Faculty of Management Science


1. College of Innovation and Management
2. College of Logistics and Supply Chain
3. College of Nursing and Health
4. College of Hospitality Industry Management
5. College of Communication Arts
6. College of Allied Health Science
7. College of Architecture
8. College of Grad
9. College of Politics and Government

About The Conference

The conference aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the Recent Advancements in the areas of Science, Technology, Business, Economics, Management, Social Sciences, Humanities &Travel-Tourism. The conference aims to provide a common platform for researchers from the Academia as well as the industry to discuss and present their research work and also will try to provide an opportunity for collaboration among them.

Call for Research Papers

We invite papers from Academicians, Researchers, Business Leaders, Experts and Executives from industry to submit original and unpublished work on any of the Themes given below. However, the Themes are indicative. The researchers can submit the paper relevant to the conference. Authors should electronically submit full length paper in MS word, maximum 8 -10 pages.

Themes of conference


  • ❖Agriculture Science
  • ❖Agriculture Economics
  • ❖Agricultural Technics
  • ❖Field Crop Production


  • ❖Food Processing
  • ❖Food Nutrition
  • ❖Food Chemistry
  • ❖Food Biotechnology
  • ❖Natural Products and Innovative


  • ❖Biodiversity
  • ❖Botany
  • ❖Bioinformatics
  • ❖Zoology
  • ❖Biomedical
  • ❖Life Sciences
  • ❖Biotechnology
  • ❖Genetic Engineering
  • ❖Cell and Microbiology


  • ❖Animal Biotechnology
  • ❖Animal Ethics
  • ❖Animal Husbandry
  • ❖Dairy
  • ❖Milk and Meat Products


  • ❖Chemistry
  • ❖Physics
  • ❖Geology
  • ❖Life Sciences


  • ❖Economics
  • ❖Education
  • ❖Philosophy
  • ❖Mathematics
  • ❖Statistics
  • ❖Anthropology
  • ❖Social Work
  • ❖Law
  • ❖Public Administration
  • ❖Women's history
  • ❖Women's studies
  • ❖International Relations
  • ❖Development Studies
  • ❖Cross-Cultural Studies
  • ❖Archaeology
  • ❖Astronomy
  • ❖English
  • ❖History
  • ❖Geography
  • ❖Political Science
  • ❖Psychology
  • ❖Sociology
  • ❖Fashion Studies


  • ❖Drug Delivery Systems
  • ❖Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • ❖Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • ❖Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • ❖Molecular Pharmacology
  • ❖Pharmacology
  • ❖Pharmaceutical Toxicology
  • ❖Pharmacy Management
  • ❖Clinical Pharmacy
  • ❖Pharmacoinformatics
  • ❖Current Issues of Pharmacy
  • ❖Ethics in Pharmacy


  • ❖Medical Ethics
  • ❖Dentistry
  • ❖Family Medicine
  • ❖Current Research in Medical Science
  • ❖Health and Medicine
  • ❖Health Sciences
  • ❖Health Policy
  • ❖Stress and Anger Management
  • ❖Mental Health Education
  • ❖Mental Illness & Health care
  • ❖Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • ❖Mental Health legislation


  • ❖Ecology
  • ❖Earth Sciences
  • ❖Climate and Climatic Changes
  • ❖Global Warming
  • ❖Waste Management
  • ❖Mass Communication
  • ❖Journalism
  • ❖Liberal Arts
  • ❖Peace and Conflict Studies
  • ❖Language
  • ❖Literature
  • ❖Museum & Heritage
  • ❖Islamic Studies
  • ❖Music
  • ❖Religious studies
  • ❖Home Science
  • ❖Health Science
  • ❖Library Science
  • ❖Silviculture


  • ❖Animation in Tourism
  • ❖Digital Transformations in Tourism
  • ❖Event Management
  • ❖Governance of Tourism
  • ❖Hospitality & Tourism/Smart Tourism
  • ❖New Business Models in Tourism
  • ❖Service Management
  • ❖Tourism Marketing


  • ❖Business Administration
  • ❖Human Resource Management
  • ❖Finance Management
  • ❖Marketing Management
  • ❖Production Management
  • ❖Operations Management
  • ❖Hotel Management
  • ❖Insurance Management
  • ❖Knowledge Management
  • ❖Advertising Management
  • ❖Performance Management
  • ❖Talent Management
  • ❖Critical Management
  • ❖IT Management
  • ❖International Marketing
  • ❖Investment Management
  • ❖Project Management
  • ❖Quality Management
  • ❖Relationship Marketing
  • ❖Resource Management
  • ❖Strategic Management
  • ❖Commerce
  • ❖E-Commerce
  • ❖Business Ethics
  • ❖Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ❖Customer Relationship Management
  • ❖Digital Marketing
  • ❖Entrepreneurship
  • ❖Product and Brand Management
  • ❖Rural Marketing
  • ❖Services Marketing


  • ❖Automobile Engineering
  • ❖Mechanical Engineering
  • ❖Electrical Engineering
  • ❖Chemical Engineering
  • ❖Civil Engineering
  • ❖Electronics Engineering
  • ❖Computer Engineering
  • ❖Information Technology
  • ❖Engineering Ecology
  • ❖Biotechnology
  • ❖Genetic Engineering
  • ❖Data Science
  • ❖Big Data Analytics
  • ❖Networks, IoT and Cyber Security
  • ❖Cluster, Cloud, & Grid Computing
  • ❖Data Mining
  • ❖Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • ❖Machine Learning
  • ❖Business Intelligence
  • ❖Human Computer Interface
  • ❖Wireless Communications and Networks
  • ❖Artificial Intelligence
  • ❖Intelligent control, Neuro-control,
  • ❖Fuzzy control and their applications
  • ❖Biomedical Imaging
  • ❖Biomedical and Health Informatics


Manuscripts should be submitted preferably through email and the research article / paper should preferably not exceed 8 - 10 pages in all. The abstract should of 350 words in 12 points italic Times New Roman with minimum 4 to 5 keywords Manuscripts should be typed in 12 font-size, Times New Roman, single spaced with 1" margin on a standard A4 size paper. Manuscripts should be organized in the following order: title, name(s) of author(s) and his/her (their) complete affiliation(s) including zip code(s), Abstract (not exceeding 350 words), Introduction, Main body of paper, Conclusion and References

Publication Opportunities

All papers of this conference will be reviewed jointly by the Conference review panel and respective Journal reviewing teams. All the selected authors will be offered publication in our associated journal IJAIR having ISSN: 2394-7780 and Impact Factor 7.36 and IJRMSS having ISSN: 2394-7780, Impact Factor 6.44 (Free of Cost)

Few selected papers will be published in SCOPUS, Web of Science, SCI, ABDC and UGC CARE listed journals. The Article Processing Fee will be collected separately from the author depending on the journal.

Web of science


Full Paper Submission

15th November 2022

Acceptance Notification

18th November 2022

Conference Date

9th December 2022

Registration Process

Submit article in the word format for review. After acceptance registration to be done

Registration Fees

Foreign Authors   60 USD
  Indian Authors    1000 Rs

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